SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics Training

Do you have a gentle touch, steady hands and an eye for artistry? Creative minds like yours can make fabulous SofTap® professionals.

The SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics professional has complete control over where pigment is deposited into the skin with the SofTap hand method. Every move, every touch is at the SofTap® professional’s discretion.

SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the most natural way to look your best 24/7. Professionals specializing in the SofTap® hand method use 100% disposable hand tools to gently and delicately implant permanent colour into the skin. This method is non-invasive, highly controlled, and produces the most natural looks you will ever see in permanent makeup.

SofTap® professionals can give their clients anything from a soft, virtually undetectable beauty enhancement to a complete reconstruction of missing eyebrows. Permanent eyeliner is gentle, long lasting, and permanent lips are soft and full. The results are so natural you have to see it to believe it.

SofTap® Class Outline

Day 1 – Introduction

  • Sterilization and preventing cross-contamination-handout
  • Begin the hand method technique
  • Explain why the Softap® needles are the most comfortable
  • Explain the differences in gauge size of needles-regular gauge straight needles 5, 6, 7, ss7, 9, 10, 28, 42, 56.
  • The finer straight needles are 6, 10, 16, 24, 39, 84, 114
  • Explain the different shape needles round-3,8,15 and 36, curved needles 14 and 16, straight 5,6,7,9,10,12,28,42 and 56 , rectangular in an 84 and 114
  • Begin tapping on practice pads
  • Fast tapping versus slow tapping
  • Learn microblading- practice on pads
  • The amount of pigment on your needle (Little versus a lot)
  • Differences between numbing cream’s (blockaid and Minnerva)

Day 2

  • Full review of day 1
  • Color Theory: pigment colors versus skin tone colors
  • Corrective aids
  • Properly matching a pigment to implant over pre-existing work
  • Removal process of pigments in the skin 
  • Holding in stretching technique of the skin for procedures
  • Practice different colour stories
  • Begin the consultation process
  • Skin and Face anatomy: creating symmetrical eyes, brows and lips

Day 3

  • Full review of both day one and two
  • Release forms
  • Table and tray set up
  • Taking proper pictures, before and after
  • Learn The differences between eyelash enhancement and eyeliner
  • Eyeliner designs
  • Eyeliner procedure on models with guidance from instructor

Day 4

  • Review of all previous days
  • All about brows! Proper brow shaping , correcting uneven brows and colour choices
  • Deciding to do microblading or a soft background fill (differences)
  • Designing the micro hair stroke placement, how many and shape and directions of the hairstrokes
  • Camouflage techniques
  • Correcting previous work (blue or orange brows)
  • Brow procedures on models with guidance from instructor

Day 5

  • Full review of all previous days
  • Drawing lip liner – corrective if needed (enlarging, reducing and uneven)
  • Correcting previous work (purple or orange)
  • Removal of previous work
  • Camouflage techniques
  • Lip procedures on models with guidance from the instructor

Course Registration Cost: $4,995.00

Course fee includes:

  • 50 hours of the most amazing instruction and guidance for your future success
  • A kit including all products used in class (can do up to 25+ procedures)
  • Training Manual
  • Certificate upon successfully completion of course

(Deposit is required to hold space)

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Classic Lashes Training

Classic Lash Certification 

The course will teach the basics of individual eyelash extensions, including expert styling techniques, texturizing, and more! Your lash work will stand out above the rest once you’ve completed our master developed program.

Our Lash Certification Program is ideal for: 

  • Anyone that enjoys making women feel and look great, it take precision, great attention to detail. 
  • Those with no prior experience in eyelash extensions

Classic Lashes Class Outline

Introduction to eyelash extensions and history of lashes

Product Theory and Safety Information

  • Eye Anatomy and Lash Growth Patterns
  • How to use all curl types including B, C, D, DD, and L lash extensions
  • How to choose appropriate length and diameters of lash extensions for your client
  • How to ensure client’s lash health remains optimal at every fill appointment
  • How adhesive works and using it correctly
  • Lash Placement for optimal bonds
  • How to use nano misters and why we use them


  • Sterilization
  • Proper procedures for technician hygiene
  • Procedure for tool sanitation and workspace sanitation

Workspace Set up

  • Lash Extension “Palette” options
  • Adhesive Placement options
  • Setting up an Efficient workspace 
  • Disposable brush and wand set up
  • Lighting and magnification

Client Prep

  • Lash Shampoo / priming the lashes
  • Neck Support
  • Gel Pad/Silicone Eyepad application
  • Advanced Gel Pad 

Lash Style Guide

  • Determining Eye Types
  • Eye Shape
  • Bringing Symmetry to the eyes

Lash Application FULL SET

  • Isolation of Natural Lashes
  • Style Mapping
  • Foundational Framework
  • Texturization for enhanced fullness and lash health and Layer-Lift technique for enhanced lift and fluffiness
  • Bonding techniques for extending challenging lashes
  • Extending curly, super straight, and wonky natural lashes

Fill Appointments

  • 3 step procedure for fill appointments
  • Adding fullness at fill appointments
  • Increasing length at fill
  • Troubleshooting shed patterns

Removal of Eyelash Extensions

  • How to remove Individual lashes or a full set

Marketing and Business Set up

  • How to effectively advertise and market your lash business
  • Getting your business off the ground: essentials to any start up
  • Photo taking tips

Aftercare of Eyelash extensions

Course Registration Cost: $1,495

(Deposit is required to hold space)

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