Professional and celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown states “Defined eyebrows instantly make you look more polished” and we agree. SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics can repair eyebrows that have been over-tweezed, over-waxed, have scars within them, or have drooped with age or have become sparse. We can help to define and frame your eyes. Also they are proportioned and balanced to suit your face shape and features, based on the look you desire.

Our professional provide you with customized eyebrow shaping, natural looking hair strands, balance and design.

Full Background Colour$450
Colour Boost $150
Colour Boost $150
Ombre Brows (both)$600
Colour Boost 250


Define your lips with lip liners. We can correct faded or uneven contours. We can use a colour similar to your natural lip colour or a darker shade for a lip liner that is dramatic and more defined.

Lip Liner$400
Lip Liner with Shading$500
Colour Boost $100
Full Lip Colour$600 to $750
Colour Boost $200


Permanent eyeliner can be applied to the lash line (upper and lower) to make lashes look fuller and add definition to your eyes. It’s your choice to have a natural soft line look or something darker and more sophisticated. It’s all your choice.

Colour Boost $100
Colour Boost $100


Camouflaging of surgical scars and colour correction from surgery$150/hr

Colour Boost

In 1- 5 years, you will require a colour boost. If you wish further changes/adjustments at the time of the Colour Boost, additional charges may apply.

Eyelash Extensions

Love your lashes & get incredible volume with lash extensions. Professionally applied & fitted, these extensions are long lasting & comfortable. Get that dramatic look you’ve been dreaming of!

Flare lashes – Pre-clustered extensions adhered to your own natural lashes for a temporarily glamorous look!

Classic lashes – Synthetic extensions of the highest quality permanently adhered to every single one of your own natural lashes, for a naturally beautiful look!

Volume lashes – A fully customized cluster of the highest quality extensions permanently adhered to each individual one of your own eyelashes, for a classy, dramatic look!